Welcome to the research association "VINAR"

Group picture from the 2023 VINAR meeting. © Kaushambi Jyoti


"VINAR - Vienna Network for Atmospheric Research" is a joint research association between the University of Vienna and GeoSphere Austria (former ZAMG) to promote meteorology, atmospheric and climate research in Vienna. The aim is to optimize the cooperation and the optimal joint use of the data and research infrastructures available at both institutions in order to make Vienna to a leading European research location in meteorology, atmospheric and climate research.

The tasks of VINAR are:
  • Basic research to improve the jointly used weather forecast, climate and dispersion models (e.g., AROME, ICON, ICON-ART, FLEXPART) and methods (e.g., data assimilation, seamless prediction).
  • Further development of jointly used software tools and application of Data Science methods for the analysis of big data.
  • Development of methods to monitor greenhouse gas emissions using atmospheric measurement data.
  • Joint use of available research infrastructure (e.g. Global Atmosphere Watch station Hoher Sonnblick as well as High Performance Computing and Data Infrastructure)
  • Collaboration to set up a facility for in-situ measurement infrastructure for aerosol and cloud research at the Sonnblick observatory and a new urban background station at the University of Vienna in the framework of ACTRIS (Aerosol, Clouds and Trace gases Research Infrastructure) and the joint use of this infrastructure.
  • Joint supervision of PhD students by researchers from University of Vienna and the GeosPhere Austria
  • Establishment of a joint seminar programme
  • Joint definition and execution of externally funded research projects